Saturday, April 28, 2012

Splitting Letters

Hey yall, so I learned something awesome with my cameo software! A nice little project that would be awesome for any wedding gift, anniversary gift, or gift for any occasion. So to let you know what I am talking about here's a picture of a split letter design I made for a friend who was recently married. I used HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) to apply it to a pillow case.

So this is actually SO simple to do. I chose to use their last name with 'established 2011' on the bottom for their wedding year, you can change this up anyway you'd like and use first names or whatever it may be! Now, I know you can buy this font 'pre-split' for $5, but as for me, I chose to split it myself and it's so easy I saved myself $5! SCORE for a frugal mommy! I have a video tutorial on how to do this in the Silhouette Studio Software. I'll provide the link for the video here (click me) trust me when I say it's very easy! Tell me what you think and if you have any questions leave a comment! I'm sure you will all have wonderful creations with this. Also whenever you learn this split method, you can split any picture/file you have to add a name in the center if you'd like, very cool. 

Don't forget if you have a Cameo/SD come join my group on FB, we have over 2,000 members and questions NEVER go unanswered, people from all over the world. Lots of sharing, questions being answered and good positive feedback! Click here to join in on the fun!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello All!

Hi yall! My name is Maria Perez, I am from Houston, Texas (greatest country in the world) and am 23 years old. I currently live in Vicenza, Italy. I am a mother to 1 adorable princess named, Sophia. She will be turning 2 on 18 July 2012, Cannot (yes I can) wait. My husbands name is Omar and well, he has this good ole job working for Uncle Sam. Yep, he’s in the Army. So we live a pretty crazy un-scheduled life, called army life. We have a Boston Terrier who is deaf, but probably the coolest dog around town! I am starting this blog to show my creativity with everyone out there, I started being ‘creative’ about 2 years ago, started with Embroidery but I have now moved to vinyl wall decals, die cutting, and everything that goes with a die cutting machine! I love it a lot! I got my Silhouette Cameo for christmas from my mommy dearest! (best gift, EVER) and ever since I haven’t had my hands off of it. Since the Cameo was my first die cutting machine, I decided to create a group on FaceBook for it, where people can go and well talk about anything that goes with the Cameo, Questions, Answers, Sharing, everything! So the group took off like crazy! With a  little advertising on the Silhouette main website we got over 2,300 member today. This was only started roughly 4 months ago! So Woo-Hoo go us!! I would never had touched my Cameo so much if I did not create/have the group to go and ask questions and get help, so I am very thankful for all the helpful ladies in my group! Now I suppose I should go off and get some dinner started for tonight, If you want to find out more about our silhouette group (for silhouette owners) visit us here,
Hope you all have a crafty day! As for me I’ll leave yall with a photo of something I whipped up today for my laptop cover!

I feel in love with the design the moment I saw it, and I knew the perfect spot for it was on my Laptop, what do you think?

Do you want to get your hands on this file? Well it's yours here's a download link and you can make some awesome wall-e inspired things yourself. Simply take this photo (Below), drag it into your silhouette studio software and so a trace (uncheck high pass filter) and voila!